File Transfer

11 Aug

Filezilla is my ftp software of choice.  It’s free; it’s been around quite a while; it works.  This link will take you to the filezilla home page to download the software.

Once you’ve downloaded the software and installed it, you are ready to transfer files to your host.  The filezilla interface is pretty straightforward, and it is easy to monitor the transfer progress.  The quickconnect is the easiest option for getting started quickly.  Enter the host name, your administrator username and password and click on Quickconnect.  You will have a local and remote view in the windows below, and you can drag and drop the files you wish to upload.

If you have only one or two files to upload, after you’ve edited a page or added a new one, the ftp software built into the host will usually suffice.  You may have to indicate that the file already exists (if it is a file you’ve made changes to) in order to upload it and overlay the existing file.

You already know this, but I’ll say it anyway.  Make sure you have backed your files up before you start to play around with uploading edited or new files.

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