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Going Live

31 May

You have a domain; you have a host; you’ve finished desinging and developing your site.  What next?

Test, test, test!!!  Bang on it; press keys you might not expect someone to press.  (They will.)  Try to do things out of the ordinary.  (Users will!)  Generally, try to make sure everything is working, even if someone does something unexpected.  Ask someone else to look at your site and try to break it. 

Make sure all of your links work, and users end up where you expected.  Are your titles accurate when a user hovers over an image?

Once you’ve tested your site and you are ready to go live on the web, how do you do that?

Software will vary from host to host, but most of the larger ones offer some sort of file transfer protocol (ftp – a standard network protocol used to get files to the host).  Usually, this ftp software is not the best choice when you are trying to get the entire site to the host.  This can be a lot of data (jpg files in particular can be large), and a light-weight software package could take a long time to upload all the files.

So, I would suggest using  this built-in software as you make changes or updates to a single or a few files.  But, for your initial transfer, consider one of the free ftp utilities like Filezilla.  The interface is easy to use, and the user can see what the directory/folder structure looks like on the local computer and the host.  In addition, the transfer progress is easily tracked.

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