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Finding a Host

9 Apr

Your web host is the company that provides the server space for your site.  This is the “place” where all of your files reside and the machine that has the software to run your site.

There are many choices and advantages and disadvantages of each.  The larger hosting services tend to be more expensive than the smaller ones.  But some of the larger hosts can be more reliable and stable.  It does a company no good to  have an amazing website if the hosting server is down all the time!  The bottom line is this:  do your homework; research several hosts; talk to existing clients if you can.

One also has to consider the type of site.  If your website is an site, make sure the host you choose can run/support this type of site.  Not all hosting servers can.  Make sure you find out.

On this topic, when designing your website you may want to consider using CSS wherever you can instead of JavaScript.  (Specifically, menus, photo viewing, and hover changes are more elegantly handled in CSS many times than invoking JavaScript.)  CSS is universally supported/accepted and many times can be the difference in someone viewing your site as  it was intended, and viewing it with missing effects when JavaScript is disabled.

There are many websites that review hosts. is just one website that offers comparisons of different hosting services.  Use several resources to check out a web host.  Remember, just because you see it on a website doesn’t mean that information is accurate or true.  Cross- check!

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